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Our Story

Gregg collected stamps in high school and eventually sold his collection in 1960 when he went to the Air Force. During the following four years while serving as a medic from Japan to Viet-Nam to Germany, he didn’t look at a stamp.

But, In 1964 when he returned from his tour of duty, he saw a collection advertised for sale in Eureka, California. He bought the collection, and he has never looked back.

Soon after, in 1965, Gregg became a stamp dealer and has been helping collectors and investors with their needs ever since. He put himself through college dealing in US stamps. Later, Gregg opened a stamp store in Santa Rosa, California, which he operated for 25 years. He has specialized in Mexican material since 1974 (se habla español).

Selling and Buying Mexican Postage Stamps is the Family Business

In 1974, Gregg married “Coco,” a girl from Mexico, who speaks fluent Spanish. Coco used to manage a Radio-TV Station in Mexico, and upon moving to California, she became a bilingual teacher and taught in Windsor.

Since then, Gregg and Coco have concentrated on helping people around the world—including in Mexico—buy Mexican stamps. With the advent of the Internet, they established a website for Mexican stamps which they have operated for over 30 years.

Their mission: offer Mexican stamps to customers at the lowest possible prices and give discounts.

The site offers an excellent stock of early classics, 20th Century and Postal History for beginners to advanced collectors. This includes stamps issued before 1940, some of which have printings from 50 to 5,000 stamps—not uncommon at the time.

Gregg belongs to APS (American Philatelic Society) and MEPSI (Mexico-Elmhurst Philatelic Society), where Gregg is a life member.

From Gregg and Coco

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